Top 10 Holistic Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan salt lamps benefits

Himalayan sea salt is widely recognized for its pastel pink hue and has replaced multiple forms of salt for its incredible health benefits.

A fascinating way to use it for health is in the form of a crystal salt lamp. Himalayan salt lamps are either formed from one large chunk of salt or from multiple smaller cubes placed in a basket and are illuminated with light bulbs or candles. While they give off a beautiful and calming amber glow, it’s their incredible ionizing power that makes them remarkable.

Modern environments are smothered with electronic radiation, pollution and corrupted air particles, which results in the abundance of unhealthy positive ions. Positive ions have been proven to cause stress and fatigue, as well as negatively impacting our immune systems.

Studies have shown that Himalayan salt lamps correct a positive ion imbalance by increasing the charge of negative ions by as much as 300%. While regular breaks from a loaded environment can help to reduce stress and fatigue, it is so much better to have a steady supply of fresh, healthy and energizing air right where you spend most of your day.

Here are the top 10 reasons to invest in a Himalayan salt lamp:

  1. They Purify the Air

Himalayan salt lamps are hygroscopic, which means that they attract water molecules to their surface. Dust, cigarette smoke, and pollution are caught are caught in the water molecules, and once it reaches the salt lamp the gentle heat evaporates the water, but retains the contaminants. A gentle wipe every so often will keep your salt rock clean and efficient.

  1. They Reduce the Symptoms of Allergies

Because salt lamps are such great air purifiers, they also manage to remove pet hair, pollen and dust from your environment, which is usually catalytic for allergies. Placing one or two in the spaces you spend the most time in has proven to reduce allergy symptoms within two weeks.

  1. They Reduce Electromagnetic Radiation (EM)  himalayan salt lamp ions

All electronic gadgets emit electromagnetic radiation, which can significantly corrupt the quality of the air we breathe and spend time in. Himalayan salt lamps emit the perfect antithesis of this energy, offering a 300% increase in the charge of negative ions to absorb destructive positive ions. This helps to reduce stress and fatigue in any environment in which they are placed.

  1. They Improve Breathing

The last thing that we want in our lungs is dust particles, pollution and invisible chemicals: Himalayan salt lamps help to increase the oxygen level and quality of the air that we breathe, improving the functioning of our lungs and offering better breathing whenever we are around them.

  1. They Increase the Quality of Sleep

By switching a salt lamp on a few hours before bedtime, you will benefit from better air and a calmer environment in which to get some rest. The increased supply of rich oxygenated air helps to give you better quality sleep, even if you turn the light off right before you shut your eyes.

  1. They Improve Energy Levels

By neutralizing static energy and filling your environment with cleaner, more oxygenated air you benefit from an increase in energy, cognitive function and blood flow.

  1. They Lift Your Mood

Studies have shown that static charge and electromagnetic radiation can cause stress and fatigue, as well as triggering negative emotions. This puts us in a bad mood, which is hard to shake off without a source of refreshment. Himalayan salt lamps are perfect for this purpose, as they provide a clean, calm and fresh environment that will lift your mood with minimal effort.

  1. They Dissolve Stress  salt crystal lamp himalayan

Studies have proven that using a Himalayan salt lamp in an electronic environment ca reduce stress significantly, dissolving the usual static and frequencies that trigger subconscious stress.

  1. They Improve Concentration

More oxygen in the brain leads to better concentration, which makes Himalayan salt lamps an investment in your most academic projects. The soft warm glow of the lamp is very calming, giving you more energy to focus on cognitive performance and memory retention without any unnatural, fatiguing light.

  1. They Help You Heal Faster

Studies have proven that Himalayan salt lamps offer plenty of anti-bacterial power, reducing harmful bacteria in the air by as much as 96%. This leads to faster healing of wounds and injuries, as well as keeping your environment germ and bacteria free for better immunity.

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