10 Health Benefits of Green Beans (#5 WILL SURPRISE YOU)

 green beans

Green beans, also known as snap peas and string beans are a healthy addition to any diet as they contain abundant health benefits which impact your entire body. They are full of vitamins, minerals, fiber and water, as well antioxidants, flavonoids and flavor. Best served steamed, they can also be eaten raw or added to your favorite dish.


Here are 10 health benefits that green beans offer you:

1..They are Full of Dietary Fiber

Green beans are crunchy and chewy and full of dietary fiber, offering up to 13% of your daily fiber requirement in just one cup. Fiber keeps digestive health at optimum, as well as relieving symptoms of hypertension, cholesterol and toxic overload.

2. They are Loaded with Vitamin C

Just one cup of green beans offers 27% of your daily recommended dosage of Vitamin C, which is important for maintaining a strong immune system. It helps to build up white blood cell stores, which are your strongest fighters against cold and flu.

3. They Contain a Healthy Dose of Iron green beans market

Iron is essential in maintaining healthy red blood cell counts and to fight fatigue, and green beans offer a good amount of it. Just 100 grams will meet 5% of your daily iron needs, which is excellent for a plant based food source.

4. They Protect Your Heart from Cardiovascular Disease

Flavonoids and antioxidants help to keep arteries healthy and strong as well as reducing inflammation which can lead to heart disease. Green beans contain an intense dose of these life saving compounds, such as quercetin, kampferol and catechins.

5. They Contain Silicon

Silicon is a rare trace element found in green beans which helps to strengthen bones and connective tissue. There are few food sources that contain silicon, a naturally occurring substance in the body, and green beans are one of them.

6. They are Excellent for Eye Health

Containing beta-carotene, Vitamin A and plenty of antioxidants and flavonoids makes green beans an essential for optimum eye health. They prevent free radical damage and protect your eyes from age-related diseases.

7. They are Very Low in Calories

One whole cup of green beans contains only 30 calories, making it a superior snack or side for any meal strategy. While low in calories, they are high in fiber, which helps to fill you up, as well as offering plenty of alkalizing energy for better athletic performance.

8. They Contain Protein

Proteins, or more particularly, amino acids are the building blocks of the body, ensuring that muscle tone and strength is maintained. Green beans are full of amino acids, giving you 6% of your daily protein requirements in just two cups. Not bad for a vegetable!

9. They Prevent Osteoporosis

Manganese, calcium and plenty of alkaline power makes green beans the perfect antidote to brittle bones, offering protection against osteoporosis and arthritis as well as anti-inflammatory compounds to relieve any pain. One cup offers 18% manganese, 3% calcium and 6% magnesium of the recommended daily amount.

10. They are Excellent for Pre-Natal Support

Green beans are rich in folic acid, which has been proven to assist in spinal and brain development in infants nurtured in the womb. By eating more green beans you will be getting sufficient amounts of folic acid, particularly important in preventing birth defects.








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