Coffee Helps After a Heart Attack! Reduces the chance of cardiac damage by 20%


British researchers have found that drinking at least one cup of coffee per day could be the best remedy after suffering a heart attack.

According to their studies, patients who proactively drink 1-2 cups of coffee daily reduce the risk of premature death from heart damage by 20%, and that those who drink more than 2 cups a day reduce the risk by 50%.

While coffee was once considered a potential danger to the cardiovascular system, new research is unveiling the truth about the protective properties of moderate coffee drinking habits.

In the U.K, an average of 70 million cups of coffee are consumed daily and has been linked to protecting its consumers from heart disease, liver cancer, Alzheimer’s, and strokes.

How much coffee is best? coffee beans

A team of experts from the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston, USA, found that drinking 3-5 cups of coffee per day reduced the risk of suffering from a fatal heart attack and Parkinson’s disease.

A British team has additionally linked coffee to helping those who have already suffered a heart attack, which helps to reduce the chances of having a secondary attack, heart failure, or suffering the consequences of severe scarring of the cardiovascular muscles.

3271 cardiac arrest victims across the UK were tracked, which includes 604 patients who survived a heart attack, but later died as a result of their condition. Their coffee-drinking habits were chronicled as part of a broad lifestyle study, and the results were published in the Journal of Coronary Artery Disease.

It showed that those who drank 2 or more cups per day were the least likely to die early. Those who drank 1-2 cups daily reduced their risk of premature death by 20%, and that those who drank no coffee were the most vulnerable to further cardiac damage and early death.

How does coffee help the heart?

Heart disease is the number one killer in the UK, with one person having a heart attack every seven minutes. More than 1 million men and half a million women are living with the after-effect of surviving a heart attack in the UK, trying everything to reduce their risk of fatality. As it turns out, coffee might just be the best solution!  coffee black

While the York researchers are still working on discovering just how coffee helps to strengthen the heart, they have already pointed to the flavonoids, melanoidin, and caffeine compounds that help to boost cardiovascular health, especially after a heart attack.  There are many biologically active ingredients that are present in coffee beans that have been linked to strengthening blood vessels, something which obviously helps to strengthen the heart.

Heart health dietician at the British Heart Foundation, Tracy Parker, said that studies have already shown that drinking up to 5 cups of coffee a day was not harmful to cardiovascular health, despite the outdated concerns.

“The researchers suggest that, following a heart attack, regularly drinking more than two cups of coffee a day is associated with a reduced risk of death”, she says.

While this analysis does not account for the entire lifestyle and diet habits of regular coffee drinkers, research is ongoing to discover exactly what effect coffee has on the cardiovascular system.

“It is crucial for heart attack survivors to maintain a healthy lifestyle to keep the heart as healthy as possible”, she said.

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