6 Incredible Health Benefits of Soil Based Probiotics

soil based probiotics

The human body is home to millions of different species, including beneficial bacteria that live in our guts, known as probiotics. These bacteria are responsible for keeping our stomachs healthy, and an imbalance can cause intestinal or digestive ailments.

Why do People Take Probiotic Supplements?

Even though probiotics occur naturally in our systems, new findings have shown where a day supplement might be beneficial for most people. This will help to maintain the health of the stomach and digestive system, as well as helping to alleviate any uncomfortable symptoms that may occur from an imbalance. In addition to lactic-acid probiotics, many people have also started using Soil Based Organisms (SBOs).

What are Soil Based Probiotics/Organisms?

SBOs are spores which are found in the ground, and are beneficial to the healthy growth of plants, as they help to enrich the soil. Even though they do not occur naturally in the body, they played a significant part in our diets before our plants were industrially cleansed and modified for sale.

SBO Health Benefits

Many people have started adding SBOs to their diets through food and supplements, to revert back to the way in which our ancestors ate and take advantage of the benefits they provide. These include:

1. Enhanced Immune System

As our natural exposure to pathogens has decreased, humans tend to get ill more easily. Taking SBOs provide exposure in small amounts, allowing the body to create defences against these. Our micro-biome then begins to produce antibodies, which in turn build our immune system. SBOs are also believed to secret proteins, which activate the immune system and stimulate the production of white blood cells and antibodies.

2. The Ability to Withstand Harsh Conditions

Many lactic-acid probiotics are broken down by stomach acid once they are consumed. This is why it is recommended that supplements provide high doses, and are taken with a meal to ensure that some of the bacteria enter the digestive system. Soil based organisms are significantly more resilient. The spores can survive in stomach acid, and many are immune to the effects of antibiotics. This means they are more likely to make it to the small intestine than other probiotics, and can therefore colonise the gut more effectively. SBO supplements do not need to be coated, and are beneficial when added to food as they are heat resistant and have an extremely long shelf life.

3. Reduced Gas and Bloating

Within the last decade, research has been conducted that demonstrates where SBOs may be a better option than lactic-acid probiotics for many people with poor gut health. They are particularly helpful to those with IBS and other gas related illnesses, such as bloating, nausea and flatulence.

4. Normalising Bowel Functions

Due to their ability to help balance the PH in the colon, and increase friendly microflora, SBOs normalise bowel movements. This leads to a reduction in abdominal discomfort, constipation and diarrhoea.

5. Anti-fungal Properties

Individual strains of soil based bacteria have also been shown to have anti-fungal properties. This means that they can prevent fungal infections in the system, as well as increase resistance in the body to various fungi.

6. Continued Resistance

The effects of lactic-acid probiotics disappear after the supplements are ceased. Soil based organisms continue to protect and enhance the immune system for extended periods, due to their longevity, after supplements have been discontinued.





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