15 Incredible Health Benefits of Pineapple (#9 WILL SURPRISE YOU)

pineapple health benefits

Pineapples are incredibly delicious, juicy tropical fruits that come packed with health benefits and serve as an excellent source of nutrition. Studies have revealed that pineapple is able to prevent disease, lower cholesterol, improve digestive health, increase immunity and even have a positive impact on fertility.

They can be eaten raw, canned, juiced, dried and cooked, which makes it easy to incorporate into your lifestyle. Here are 15 incredible health benefits of pineapple:

  1. It Improves Eyesight

Pineapples are full of Vitamin A and beta carotene, which have been proven to keep your eyes healthy and sparkly for longer. These compounds help to fight macular degeneration, keeping cataracts, night blindness and poor health at a safe distance.

  1. It Increases Immunity

One cup of pineapple meets 131% of your daily requirement of Vitamin C, which makes this delicious fruit the best immune boosting treat you can have. Vitamin C increases white blood cell count, which serve as your strongest soldiers against colds and flu.

  1. It Boosts Blood Circulation

Pineapples contain bromelain, potassium and copper, which are the perfect solution for poor circulation. These minerals increase red blood cell count, oxygen flow and promote richer, faster circulation.

  1. It’s a Natural Anti-Inflammatory pineapples nutrition and benefits

Bromelain is a unique compound that pineapples offer, which has been proven to reduce inflammation throughout your body. Chronic inflammation can lead to multiple diseases and by eating more pineapple, you will be preventing it.

  1. It Helps You to Lose Weight

A tasty treat that offers zero fat and very low calories makes it easier to lose weight, and pineapples offer exactly that composition. A sweet indulgence of pineapple is easily digestible and promotes a lean and healthy body.

  1. It Hydrates Your Entire Body

87% of pineapples are made up of water, which makes it an excellent source of hydration to keep your body in excellent order. Hydration leads to better toxin elimination, more elastic skin and better digestion.

  1. It Improves Digestion

Being high in fiber and water and containing bromelain makes pineapples and excellent support for better digestive health. Bromelain has been proven to help break down proteins and fats, and the high fiber content helps to keep you regular.

  1. It’s Great for Bones and Teeth

Manganese is an essential mineral for bone health and pineapples are loaded with it. 1 cup offers 158% of your daily requirement of manganese, helping to repair brittle bones and improve bone mineral density.

  1. It Boosts Fertility

Pineapples contain just the right ingredients to benefit both male and female fertility! They offer iron, potassium, folate, zinc, magnesium and beta carotene, which not only helps to improve blood flow and pleasure sensors, but has been proven to offer remarkable support for your efforts to start a family.

  1. It Prevents Gingivitis

Gingivitis causes swollen, painful gums, and pineapples are the perfect antidote. They offer powerful astringent properties as well as antioxidants, which have been proven to reduce swelling, eliminate bacteria and restore your gums to perfect health.

  1. It Gives You Energy pineapple eating

While pineapples are low in calories, they are an excellent source of natural fruit sugar as well as offering an incredibly alkalizing and energizing effect on your entire body. One cup contains 82 calories, with 7% being pure, natural carbohydrate energy.

  1. It’s Rich in B-Vitamins

Complex B-vitamins are excellent for overall wellbeing as they help the body to convert food into energy, boost iron stores, combat fatigue and improve bone, brain and heart health. Pineapples are full of B-vitamins, meeting 10% of the daily recommended amount per cup.

  1. It Helps to Lower Cholesterol

Pineapples offer the perfect support in efforts of lowering cholesterol as they are full of fiber, potassium and antioxidants, which work together to scrape out LDL (bad) cholesterol and bring your cardiovascular system back into balance.

  1. It Keeps Your Cells Full of Life

The rich dose of antioxidants as well as the alkalizing power of pineapples helps to fight free radical damage and rejuvenate living cells. Reducing and preventing free radical damage helps you to live longer and look younger, combating the effect of the sun’s harmful UV rays and pollution in the environment.

  1. It Relieves Sinus Buildup

Clogged sinuses and sore throats can cause a lot of discomfort, and pineapples help to soothe it. The acidic content of pineapples helps it to easily break down mucus, as well as providing health-boosting Vitamin C and a super soothing alkaline effect on inflamed and painful throats and noses.

Disclaimer: The bromelain in pineapple acts as a meat tenderizer, which is why your tongue could get a tingling, burning sensation after eating it. By eating only ripe pineapples, and perhaps rinsing it beforehand, as well as eating one cup at a time you will help to help to keep your mouth and tongue from being over-tenderized.





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