12 Proven Health Benefits of Lemongrass (#8 IS MY FAVORITE)

lemon grass

Lemongrass is a delicious culinary and medicinal herb used in multiple forms for it’s incredible health benefits. It can be steeped into a fragrant cup of tea, or can be added to salads and various types of cuisine.

It has a wonderful lemon scent and offers a mild and slightly sweet taste. Studies have proven that lemongrass can improve digestion, lower cholesterol and reduce stress. It also helps to cure infections, boost immunity and improve brain function.

Whether you decide to have it as a tea or add it to your favorite meal, here are 12 reasons to include lemongrass in your lifestyle:

1.Improves Digestion

Powerful antibacterial compounds in lemongrass help to eliminate parasites and bacteria in the digestive tract, which can help to prevent multiple digestive disorders. It reduces bloating, prevents constipation and heals diarrhea.

2. Lowers Cholesterol

Studies have proven that lemongrass helps to lower cholesterol levels, in particular, the bad cholesterol or LDL levels. It reduces the rate of cholesterol absorption in the stomach as well as offering a light dose of soluble dietary fiber to rid arteries of excess plaque buildup.

3. Detoxifies Your Entire Body  lemon grass health benefits

Lemongrass is a natural diuretic, which helps to flush out uric acid and toxins. In the form of tea, it is known to detoxify the liver, kidneys and bladder.

4. Cures Colds and Flu

Because lemongrass contains antibacterial and antifungal compounds it serves as the perfect healer for colds and flu, helping to relieve the symptoms while eliminating the problem. In the form of tea, it can soothe a sore throat and open up blocked sinuses.

5. Helps You to Lose Weight

Research has shown that lemongrass boosts your metabolism and prevents the storage of abdominal fat. This promotes weight loss, as well as preventing obesity.

6. Relieves Joint Pain

Lemongrass is a powerful anti-inflammatory, which helps to relieve the symptoms of arthritis and joint pain. Studies have proven that it suppresses the precise compound (cyclooxygenase-2) that causes inflammation in joints and bones.

7. Destroys Cancer Cells

Studies have proven that citral, a compound in lemongrass, helps to destroy cancer cells. It’s also a rich source of antioxidants, which prevents free radical damage and rejuvenates living cells to a healthy condition.

8. Elevates Your Mood

Lemongrass has been proven to stimulate serotonin, which is the happy hormone in your brain. This helps to elevate your mood, as well as fighting off depression and fatigue.

9. Great for New Mothers

While lemongrass is not suitable during pregnancy, it is excellent in stimulating the production of breast milk for your newborn baby. It has also been proven to reduce the risk of breast cancer, which makes it an excellent choice of tea for any busy day.  lemon grass herb

10. Improves Your Complexion

The high dose of Vitamin C, iron and antioxidants in lemongrass is excellent for your skin. It helps to tone your skin by stimulating collagen production, as well as boosting oxygen supply to your skin tissue from the increase in red blood cell count. The antioxidants fight free radical damage and reduce the signs of aging.

11. Relieves Tension

Lemongrass is full of magnesium, which helps to improve blood circulation and calm nerves. It is known to reduce muscle tension, relieve stress and give you better sleep after a stressful day.

12. Boosts Brain Function

45% of lemongrass is healthy, natural iron that helps to increase oxygen flow throughout your body. More oxygen to your brain means better cognitive function and improved memory retention, which makes lemongrass the perfect brain boosting pick-me-up.

How to Include Lemongrass in your Diet:

To make a tea, simply boil some water and lemongrass in a pot for 5 minutes. Strain it before serving, removing the lemongrass. You can also make a delicious iced tea by allowing it to cool and adding a slice of lemon and honey.

To use it in cooking, simply chop it up as you would with chives, and throw it into salads, stir fries, curries and whatever you think the flavor will be great with.


It’s highly recommended to try just a bit of lemongrass if it’s your first time, as some people can be allergic to it. If you experience any allergic reactions, discontinue use of it and contact a medical professional to assist you without delay.







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